Orthopedic Hospital Speising

speising5Where will a surgical intervention be performed?


As an attending surgeon at the Orthopedic Hospital Vienna-Speising I can directly admit you for surgery to this modern and renowned orthopedic competence center whenever it is necessary.

36.000 outpatients are seen each year in the Orthopedic Hospital Vienna-Speising, and 17.000 patients receive best orthopedic healthcare on an inpatient basis. The 280-bed hospital is also a leading hospital in orthopedic science. It hosts six different orthopedic departments, a department for physical medicine and rehabilitation, a laboratory for gait and movement analysis and an affiliated magnetic resonance imaging center.

Seven top-modern central operating rooms are available for a total of 10.000 surgical interventions each year. Minor surgery may, however, also be performed in one of the three “day-surgery” operating rooms. Don´t hesitate to ask if your particular intervention may be planned for day surgery. Then you may be discharged on the same day and don’t need to stay overnight.


speising3How do I get an appointment for surgery?


If surgery or another inpatient treatment is indicated, I will directly admit you to the hospital. You will later receive postal information about the proposed date of surgery and all other necessary preoperative medical steps. Two to three weeks prior to surgery, you will also have to undergo a preoperative outpatient visit in order to get more detailed information about the planned procedure.

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