Do I need a referral for the orthopedic consultation?
No, you don´t.


How can I schedule an appointment?
You can schedule an appointment via landline during office hours, mobile phone after 3.00 pm, or email.


Do you accept any public health insurance?
No, I work as a private consultant or doctor of one´s choice, which means that you can submit the fully paid bill to your insurance company, which may reimburse some of the costs.


How long does a consultation usually take?
That may differ from case to case and depends on the patient´s problem. However, a first visit usually takes about 30-45 min.


How do I pay my invoice?
You can pay in cash, with debit or credit card. Bank transfers are not accepted.


Where will a surgical intervention be performed?
I can directly admit you for surgery to the Orthopedic Hospital Vienna-Speising, independently of your current insurance status.


How long do I have to wait for the surgical intervention?
This is very difficult to predict as it depends on the number of patients who are already scheduled for surgery at our department. After you have been admitted for surgery you will receive postal information as soon as the intervention has been scheduled by our office.